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Information architecture, service design and being social

Found via Mario Vellandi, Erin Malone’s presentation (and affiliated blog post) on experience design, social design and service design: The Future is Already Here – Three Trends in IA View more presentations from erin malone. And there’s a lot of connections indeed, just think about this line: “Create the space for people to make things […]

Motivation with carrots and sticks …

… doesn’t work when dealing with creative, hard to pre-plan types of work. Knowledge work, yes. Much better to equip people with autonomy, mastery and a sense of purpose. And that’s putting up some interesting questions with regard to leadership styles (command and control is doomed …), the organization and improving of collaborative work (facilitating […]

Kulturkampf – über das Leben in zwei Welten

Gerade erst das Teaser-Bild zum Zeit-Blog Kulturkampf gesehen – das ist doch eine Anspielung die ich nicht verstehen kann und will: Wer sagt denn dass man Kröten schlucken muss um ein Silver Surfer zu werden?

Together, we work smarter

Thank you IBM – for the cute visual messaging of the links between here (BMID) and there (Enterprise Collaboration @ frogpond): Yes, together, we work smarter. Smarter being all things agile, flexible, you know, see here and there … via Stefan

OSMB: Collaboration changes the game (in application development, too)

Today I’m at the OSMB conference and posting and twittering notes, most of those notes will be posted over at my frogpond Enterprise Collaboration blog (see e.g. Open Source Meets Business (OSMB) – Tag 1 and Trendstudie Open Source im Unternehmen, german language alas). Something with a more BMID-twist is the session “Collaboration Contagion – […]

Minimal Impact KM

Have another sunday treat? Try this one, video with Dr. David Vaine who in his video address to the actKM Conference adresses all participants and especially “my good friend Dennis (sic!) Snowden” (and David Greenteen too, sic!) – found via Mary Abraham and Green Chameleon: […] minimal impact KM touts the benefits of doing a […]

Innovation is chic – and runs into organizational barriers

Via Paul Williams I learned that CNBC is doing another series on innovation, it’s aimed at C-level and I welcome this quite a lot as it stresses the importance (yet, Paul has some criticisms too). But these episodes are worthwhile anyway, and I appreciate the effort (btw, back then I wrote some posts about their […]