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Crowd accelerated innovation

I guess there’s a reason why linkblogging is making heavy use of embedded videos … instant propagation of ideas and inspiration, leading me to think about the role of vidco in enterprise collaboration. OK, this got also fueled by this post by Alex Howard on the O’Reilly Radar Channel, check out the part on video […]

Information architecture, service design and being social

Found via Mario Vellandi, Erin Malone’s presentation (and affiliated blog post) on experience design, social design and service design: The Future is Already Here – Three Trends in IA View more presentations from erin malone. And there’s a lot of connections indeed, just think about this line: “Create the space for people to make things […]

Us now (or all together now)

(Free) monday fun – blogging all the stuff I’ve seen and bookmarked lately, like this UK documentary (see the project site), on open government, digital democracy and a networked civil society that employs the web in creative ways. Yes, we’re talking about all the changes technology bring … and couch surfing is a social (business […]

Love your hashtags

Just one of the reasons why I dig Twitter and its surrounding (sense-making) ecosystem, it is mindful and laconic:

Do I (really) respect Media Snackers?

Oh, I’ve been tagged, now I have to blog about a bunch of internet users “memified” media snackers – i.e. a new breed of young people, hyperconnected to a wide assortment of digital, on-demand media. They are consumers who are no longer bound to linear media; who “snack whenever, wherever and whatever they like Here’s […]

Deloitte & Touche Studie zur Medienwirtschaft

Via Burkhard Schneider habe ich von dieser Studie erfahren, passt zu meiner Kategorie Medienwirtschaft, bei Gelegenheit lesen – ist nicht besonders lang … Deloitte-Studie „TMT Trends 2007“ für die Bereiche Technologie, Medien und Telekommunikation Medien: Die interaktive Rolle der Konsumenten nimmt analog zu den technischen Möglichkeiten weiter zu. Insbesondere soziale Netzwerke im Internet finden stetig […]

Aus E-Commerce wird durch das Social Net Social Commerce …

In der FAZ habe ich zwei Artikel zum (an vielen Stellen propagierten) nächsten Entwicklungsschritt des E-Commerce, Social Commerce, und zu den Einflußfaktoren von Web2.0 Technologien auf den Erfolg von Geschäftsmodellinnovationen gefunden. Die Zeit der Monotonie im Electronic Commerce, als wenige große Anbieter wie Ebay, Amazon oder Otto den Handel im Netz beherrschten, ist vorbei. Denn […]