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Microsoft’s Creative Destruction

No, this isn’t about “taking joy in Microsoft’s struggles” – why would I? Their products determine the working environment and corporate daily life of billions of people (Sharepoint, Word, Excel et al. ). But this is instructive for innovation managers, people thinking about the innovation of organizational systems and processes, and consultants alike. Dick Brass, […]

The Complete Guide to Google Wave

via via Oliver’s bookmarks Lifehacker’s Gina Trapani is giving us a “preview edition” – all the things we never dared to ask about the wave.

Innovation is chic – and runs into organizational barriers

Via Paul Williams I learned that CNBC is doing another series on innovation, it’s aimed at C-level and I welcome this quite a lot as it stresses the importance (yet, Paul has some criticisms too). But these episodes are worthwhile anyway, and I appreciate the effort (btw, back then I wrote some posts about their […]

Technology-enabled trends that will help shape businesses

The McKinsey Quarterly has published an article by James M. Manyika, Roger P. Roberts, and Kara L. Spragueon on eight technology-enabled trends that will help shape businesses in the future. Eight emerging trends are transforming many markets and businesses. Executives should learn to shape the outcome rather than just react to it. […] Technology alone […]

Make innovation a truly open and collaborative process

But, yes, this is tricky business … This BBC podcast with Peter Day is actually a little “field report”, complete with interview snippets. Alltogether a really good listen. Business innovation is vital for corporate survival, but is innovation best left to companies? […] it is the users of goods and services who generate the best […]

Wikinomics @ brand eins

Via Netzpolitik, ein Interview mit Don Tapscott in brand eins über Wikinomics. Nur zwei interessante Passagen aus dem (nicht nur für Organisationstheoretiker) sehr spannendem Interview: Wir beobachten eine neue Form der Selbstorganisation, [… Wikinomics …], und sie wird herkömmliche Unternehmensstrukturen als primäre Triebkraft der Wertschöpfung ablösen. und [brand eins:] Intellektuelles Eigentum und kluge Köpfe muss […]

Innovation in the Age of Mass Collaboration

Sehr schön, BusinessWeek zu Innovation in the Age of Mass Collaboration: A new breed of 21st-century enterprise is emerging—one that opens its doors to the world; co-innovates with everyone, especially customers; shares resources that were previously closely guarded; harnesses the power of mass collaboration; and behaves not as a multi-national, but as something new: a […]