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Pinboard bookmarks for April 15th

Pinboard links for April 15th, syndicated automagically: The Good Side of Quantifying Everything – Justin Fox – Harvard Business Review – We're all already supposed to know that taking small steps forward is key to getting things done in life and feeling good about it. What my running experience is teaching me, though, is how […]

Pinboard bookmarks for April 5th

Pinboard links for April 5th, syndicated automagically: Ludger Hovestadt – DigitalSTROM for Cities – why smart homes are not fit for mass market smart installations are 400% more expensive than conventional ones additional cabling complicates reconstruction 75% of the investment are labor costs high maintenance costs 1 node costs about 3W = 26 KWh/a = […]

Twitter fascination easily exlained …

… that’s the thing Lee and Sachi LeFever of Commoncraft excel in, via Christian Kreutz/Twitter:

Marketinginstrument Community – Wie können Marken den Nutzer beeinflussen?

Heute abend bin ich auf einer Veranstaltung von Baden-Württemberg Connected (bwcon) mit dem Thema Marketinginstrument “Community” – Wie können Marken den Nutzer beeinflussen? […] Die Entwicklung des digitalen Zeitalters zieht mit großen Schritten voran und der Bereich der sozialen Netzwerke und Communities gewinnt mehr und mehr an Bedeutung. Der Wandel des Nutzerverhaltens vom reaktionären „Consumer” […]

WebEx’s Diane Davidson: ‘We Defined a Community Ecosystem’

This looks like an interesting podcast interview by the Knowledge@Wharton team with WebEx’s Diane Davidson (mp3). When Google bought YouTube recently for $1.65 billion, the world of business sat up to take serious notice of social networks. Today, many companies are looking into how they can tap into — or develop — communities as a […]


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Where the Coffee Shop Meets the Cubicle

This is cool, co-working facilities for (self-employed) people who want to get out of the house, but not into an office, an article in BusinessWeek: Co-working facilities blend the appeal of an independent environment with many of the advantages of the traditional office […] a “community office space” […] could provide him with a desk, […]