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Service design and social innovation

Via James Dellow – earmarked for service design and social innovation:

Interdisciplinary explorations

[…] a project giving students an opportunity to experience aspects of the design process first-hand through a collaboration with design students Four videos and an extensive outline of the collaboration process and its outcomes at Lucy Kimbell’s Design leads us where exactly, including business model modelling et al. MBA-designer collaboration: Discussion (4 of 4) from […]

Information architecture, service design and being social

Found via Mario Vellandi, Erin Malone’s presentation (and affiliated blog post) on experience design, social design and service design: The Future is Already Here – Three Trends in IA View more presentations from erin malone. And there’s a lot of connections indeed, just think about this line: “Create the space for people to make things […]

Next week: Information Architecture conference

Alexander Osterwalder reminded me that there’s another conference (well, yes, on design thinking et al.) coming up: Though this is not 100% related to business model design, I believe they promote the kind of tools & techniques that are necessary to come up with sound business models. I very much value their contributions of bringing […]

Roger Martin on business model design thinking

Everything’s connected, especially in this little world of business model design thinking. Both Ralf Beuker and Alex Osterwalder pointed me to this video interview with Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman Business School (publishing a fine journal as well, see e.g. here, for BMID-design-coverage see more here or here). … where he talks about innovation, […]

Design Strategy conference videos

Putting People First has put together a compilation of videos from IIT’s Institute of Design Strategy conference in Chicago … […] addressing how businesses can use design to explore emerging opportunities, solve complex problems, and achieve lasting strategic advantage […] design, with its ability to understand users, redefine problems and create systemic, human-centered solutions, can […]

Serendipidity in business innovations

Business Week has a nice article on the need for adaptive business design, i.e. business models, citing examples like Iridium, Friendster or the Segway. Yes, some innovations don’t take off as intended at first, but can be repurposed in creative new ways (sometimes even accidentally). Here, identifying new markets is one alternative, as Henry Chesbroughs […]