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Microsoft’s Creative Destruction

No, this isn’t about “taking joy in Microsoft’s struggles” – why would I? Their products determine the working environment and corporate daily life of billions of people (Sharepoint, Word, Excel et al. ). But this is instructive for innovation managers, people thinking about the innovation of organizational systems and processes, and consultants alike. Dick Brass, […]

8 Regeln für Stillstand …

nett, an einem Sonntag via Mika73 gefunden – sehr passend auch zu den 5 innovation killers

Shine on you crazy diagram – part 3

It’s funny and instructive, my little series on visualizations that are unusual, doing it plain wrong or are at least somehow awkward (see part 1 and part 2 for more goodies). Via Boing Boing, Neatorama, Buzzfeed, I am Jeriko and Polkarobot (internet memes they travel fast and far …) the Heavy Metal Band Names Flowchart: […]

Minimal Impact KM

Have another sunday treat? Try this one, video with Dr. David Vaine who in his video address to the actKM Conference adresses all participants and especially “my good friend Dennis (sic!) Snowden” (and David Greenteen too, sic!) – found via Mary Abraham and Green Chameleon: […] minimal impact KM touts the benefits of doing a […]

Phishing explained (and visually exposed, too)

Nice treat on a sunday morning – Lee has done a great job again (as always), good to see as well that the freemium model is paying out (ad supported free videos, ad-free hi-res versions for sale …)

The World’s Top R&D Spenders

… new mp3 podcast by BusinessWeek — Innovation of the Week: Barry Jaruzelski, a partner at Booz & Co., discusses the findings in the fourth annual Global Innovation 1000 survey of the world’s top spenders in corporate R&D, and why it’s important to invest in new products during a recession. Yes, right, products but let’s […]

Shine on you crazy diagram – part 2 …

Beim BarCamp München begonnen, nun – kurz vor dem BarCampBerlin3 die Fortsetzung. Klar, wenn man in der Stadt der ZIA ist – sehr schöne Fundstücke, u.a. gefunden bei Prokrastination (Sascha Lobo, Kathrin Passig), absolut undurchschaubar (“Tortendiagramm über Prokrastination”): Dann das schöne Procrastination Flowchart von, noch mal gefunden via Lobo und Co. (hmm, was soll […]