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I like the visualization … #blogging #lifehacks

(and Sacha can draw, awesomely, yes) Embedded Link Meetup sketchnotes: The Publishing Side of WordPress, Andy McIlwain | sacha chua :: living an awesome life The Publishing Side of WordPress (Click on the image to view a larger version.) At today's WordPress Toronto meetup, Andy McIlwain shared tips on brainstorming, scheduling, and sharing blog posts […]

Bookmarks for November 1st through November 2nd

These are my links for November 1st through November 2nd: Männig – Lesetipps aus Instapaper in WordPress – Wählt man nun für die statische Lesetipps-Seite unter Attribute das Template lesetipps.php aus, dann werden auf der Seite die von Instapaper per Feed gelieferten Artikel als Liste angezeigt und zum Originalartikel verlinkt. Freilich muss die URL im […]

Bookmarks for October 26th through October 27th

These are my links for October 26th through October 27th: Papierloses Büro – 10 Virtuelle Faxdienste im Überblick – – Transforming into a social business – questions the technocentric way that many organizations have approached social business (or rather social software) this far and suggests a business-oriented approach to socializing business operations, focusing on […]

Bookmarks for October 26th

Pinboard links for October 26th, syndicated automagically: Shifting Mind » Postalicious – Postalicious is a WordPress plugin that automatically posts your delicious, Google Reader, Reddit, Yahoo Pipes, Jumptags, Pinboard, or Diigo bookmarks to your blog. The exact details of how your bookmarks are posted are very customizable and are designed to meet your specific needs.

Warming up ‘da engines

In a week of frenzy (last days of Google Reader as we know it, RSS being killed for the uptiemth time etc.) … and looking back to what’s happened to dear services like Wave, buzz, delicious and more … it’s a good idea to have a cozy little place all for oneself. Warming up it […]

Embedding multiple waves into wordpress blogs

Documenting a lifehack / solution to a nagging problem is an important thing on the social web, right? So here I go with a workaround I found out – together with my friend Thorsten Zörner – to embed multiple waves into blog posts. Now where’s the problem? One can get an embed code for a […]

Back to blogging & the Ubuntu Release Schedule

Well, on and on, extended days off round Christmas and New Year’s are over, now it’s back to the normal routine (did I write that really …). Now, it’s all about delivering … and the stuffed animals are so cute which gives me bonus points on the blog cat content scale.