Minimal Impact KM

Have another sunday treat? Try this one, video with Dr. David Vaine who in his video address to the actKM Conference adresses all participants and especially “my good friend Dennis (sic!) Snowden” (and David Greenteen too, sic!) – found via Mary Abraham and Green Chameleon:

[…] minimal impact KM touts the benefits of doing a great deal without in any way affecting the work lives of your colleagues or the results of your enterprise […]

Dr. Vaine identifies several proven methods of achieving minimal impact KM:

– depreciative inquiry
– social network paralysis
– corporate flogging
– six stigma

Great stuff, but if you’re really interested in catching up on KM World 2008 better check out Michael Sampsons conference notes. Interesting in many regards, especially for an (enterprise) social software consultant who sees Knowledge Management as one of the most interesting usage arenas.

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