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Rebooting businesses

Just listened to the Harvard Business School Ideacast with Don Tapscott, chairman of nGenera Insight and coauthor of “Macrowikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World”. Here’s the mp3 of the 15 minute interview.

Open Google

Read a Googler’s view on open standards, open source, and open information – important because it’s Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President of Product Management. Extremely interesting in terms of strategy definition, open communication (and admitting that Google isn’t there yet): There are two components to our definition of open: open technology and open information. Open […]

Untangling some strings …

… about the cloud, cloud OSes and open source code – this week Google opened up its Chromium OS, VirtualBox images and all and every good consultant is writing and talking about it. It can boot in seconds (and should be run with solid-state hard drives) … and is supposed to “live in the cloud“: […]

Apple, Google and Microsoft’s Size Problem

via I like the three derived strategies on slide 16 – they are sound, yet the underlying starting points and rationales are a bit flawed I think: 1. Open source OS are left out of the strategic analysis (and this has different implications for the contenders) – think of Jolicloud, UbuntuNetbookRemix, Moblin, and YES […]

OSMB: Collaboration changes the game (in application development, too)

Today I’m at the OSMB conference and posting and twittering notes, most of those notes will be posted over at my frogpond Enterprise Collaboration blog (see e.g. Open Source Meets Business (OSMB) – Tag 1 and Trendstudie Open Source im Unternehmen, german language alas). Something with a more BMID-twist is the session “Collaboration Contagion – […] podcasts @ IT Conversations and elsewhere

Just a notice that Evan Prodromou of has been at IT Conversations (mp3): is an open microblogging service. Users can post short messages about themselves to, which are then broadcast to friends in their social network using instant messages (IM), RSS feeds, and the Web. The product’s developer, Evan Prodromou, joins Phil […]

Pirate’s TV

Matt Mason, author of „Pirates Dilemma“ (pdf, and see here and here) has done a nice “video trailer”, promoting the core ideas (and touching on quite a lot of things, like Hollywood pirates of old …). Well, yes, easy information sharing on the internet is changing the shape of economies, so media industry must redesign […]