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Warming up ‘da engines

In a week of frenzy (last days of Google Reader as we know it, RSS being killed for the uptiemth time etc.) … and looking back to what’s happened to dear services like Wave, buzz, delicious and more … it’s a good idea to have a cozy little place all for oneself. Warming up it […]

Back to mixing things up …

I want to reanimate my social blogging life (the story about how hard it is when you’re stuck and tangled up in NDA-ed consulting stuff will be told sometime …) – but during this perfect geek night it’s easy. Sitting in the shack, listening to extended Google IO keynotes and sessions noting that Google Music […]

Open Data, ePolitik und ein offener Betatest

genau so soll man es machen … Elektrischer Reporter – Elektrischer Reporter – Phase III – Pilot

Noch 5 Tage

Zeit Stéphane Hessel zu lesen – oder? Powered by PDFCast.org Download document to PC Auf den ersten Blick scheint der Aufruf von Stéphane Hessel an die ohnehin zur Empörung neigenden Franzosen gerichtet zu sein. Bei näherer Betrachtung erkennt man jedoch: es ist ein Aufruf an alle Menschen dieses Planeten – gerichtet an alle Menschen, die generationsübergreifend, […]

Agile, yes – but really really Agile Management

Ah, feedback loops, emergence of patterns (of organizational pathologies), the need for mindfulness, systems-thinking-enabled and -aware managers people who work systems and really master complex responsive processes – literally all this and more in one presentation by Jürgen Appelo: Agile Management – Complexity Thinking View more presentations from Jurgen Appelo.

Bildung und Kreativität

… irgendwie bewegen mich diese Themen diese Tage mehr als sonst – passend dazu ein visualisierter Vortrag von Ken Robinson, quasi ein bewegtes Tafelbild:

Visualization for Management

A short interview with Xplane founder and author Dave Gray – I need want to write a short review of Gamestorming (“A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers”) – bought it but haven’t come around to read it thoroughly. So far I just skipped through it (which isn’t that incomaptible with it, but still)