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5 Things You Need To Know About Resistance

1. Resistance is a good thing; it’s the energy that fuels change; 2. It’s about emotions, and in the first place: your own; 3. It’s about relations, first on trust and then on agreement; 4. It’s about platforms – a platform for emotions; not a burning platform; 5. It is about you – up close […]

Complexity in Organizations

Here’s a 7 minute clip on complexity in organizations (from a presentation by Holger Nauheimer at the International Association of Facilitators conference, Atlanta, GA, April 12, 2008): An introduction into why complexity matters for 21st century organizations; some aspects of how we can deal with issues of complexity in organizational change: The embedded slides can’t […]

Redesigning business models

In a recent BusinessWeek – Innovation of the Week podcast Jeneanne Rae of Peer Insight gives “practical advice on how to redesign common business models using examples of transformations in companies from Amazon to IBM and Boeing”. Download the mp3.

Looking at the innovation playing field

Next up in my little series on inovation, Mike Neiss hits the nail on the head too, citing from a Center for Creative Leadership survey and report (pdf) that holds: “Senior executives face increasingly complex challenges that involve organizational changes, market dynamics and talent shortages. One popular response to increasing complexity is to lean on […]

Erfolgsfaktoren für die Einführung von Innovationen

Via Armin Karge wurde ich schon vor einiger Zeit auf diese IBM-Studie aufmerksam, und weil ich zur Zeit an einem kleinen Paper rund um Change Management mit Social Software schreibe, ein paar Notizen zu “Erfolgsfaktoren für die Einführung von Innovationen” von IBM Global Business Services. Die Unternehmensberatung befragte in ihrer Studie “Making Change Work” über […]

Social Networks and Organizational Pathologies …

Irving Wladawsky-Berger contemplates on Social Networks and Organizational Governance, arguing with a case of an “organizational system” that was streamlined too much – losing its senses and its manageability along the way. Check the actual post to see which organization he’s talking about, or take a guess … all in all this fits fine into […]

More peeks at innovation

Notes to myself, part II, via Mike Gotta: two articles relevant to those involved in a variety of initiatives related to improving informal learning, collaboration, knowledge management, social computing and innovation Ambidexterity as a Dynamic Capability: Resolving the Innovator’s Dilemma by Charles O’Reilly and Michael Tushman: How do organizations survive in the face of change? […]