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User Experience and Usability reader

As if there wasn’t enough to read and digest already 😉 UX Storytellers

Storytelling, holistic design and UX

Experience Themes: An Element of Story Applied to Design View more presentations from Cindy Chastain. via contagious ideas

Fight uglyness, fight vulgarity

Massimo Vignelli from John Madere on Vimeo.

Human Factors in Design

Designing for peopleView more presentations from whatidiscover. Earmarked for inspirational methods.

Design made in Germany

Learned about the possibility of embedding via Peter – too nice, and they have also added the option of downloading a pdf again. This is looking good now, ie. it’s a neat way to present content on the web (and invite and allow networked dissemination). Check out the designers workplaces article. And check out the […]

Integrating business and design thinking

Via Doblin Group – a bit black and white and surely not complete, but a starting point for discussion.

Design Research (is not Market Research)

View more presentations from Joyce Chou. Like this one before via PSST, liked it a lot because of the toolbox approach (slides 13 ff.) and the pragmatic actionable learnings (slides 21 ff.)