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Pinboard bookmarks for April 15th

Pinboard links for April 15th, syndicated automagically: The Good Side of Quantifying Everything – Justin Fox – Harvard Business Review – We're all already supposed to know that taking small steps forward is key to getting things done in life and feeling good about it. What my running experience is teaching me, though, is how […]

Bookmarks for March 19th through March 20th

These are my links for March 19th through March 20th: The Hard Science of Teamwork – Alex "Sandy" Pentland – Harvard Business Review – patterns as a way of making sense of group behaviour (and I'd say emergent phenomena galore) "People should feel empowered by the idea of a science of team building, The idea […]

Bookmarks for March 11th through March 12th

These are my links for March 11th through March 12th: Why I Want My Daughter to be a Hacker « OffMyGourd – Hackers are simply empowered individuals that want to figure things out for themselves.  With hacker properly defined, let’s get to the meat, why I want my daughter to be a hacker 1. Hackers […]

Pinboard bookmarks for December 16th

Pinboard links for December 16th, syndicated automagically: Is Your Organization Fit for Heretics? | Management Innovation eXchange – Why indeed? Because too many people still work in organizations that resemble the IBM of their grandfather's (or great-grandfather's) day–organizations designed to exert tight control at the expense of autonomy, to maximize compliance and conformance over individual […]

Lesetipp _ Tuxamoon

found via Hermann Keldenich: TUXAMOON, an independent German online magazine all things music, literature, society, environment and politics. Go, check it out, but as far as I can see only german language articles in there. Anyway, Tuxamoon was new to me, funny, yes. Seems like it’s published since 2000. But perhaps they switched their business […]

Matt Mason on The Pirate’s Dilemma

I have blogged about Matt’s book before, so this little video comes in handy, found via Nerdcore Matt Mason’s keynote on The Pirate’s Dilemma, his book on how to compete with piracy, filmed at The Medici Summit, March 3rd 2008 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mason discusses why piracy can be an opportunity as well as a […]

Identity Management – Recognition replaces attention

I don’t know, at first sight this seems like just another buzzword bingo event, but at close sight “Identity Management – Recognition replaces attention” offers several interesting speakers. Keynote speaker will be Richard Florida, while the accompanying site collects interviews with people like Mark Vanderbeeken of Experientia or Hartmut Esslinger, the founder of frog design […]