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Information architecture, service design and being social

Found via Mario Vellandi, Erin Malone’s presentation (and affiliated blog post) on experience design, social design and service design: The Future is Already Here – Three Trends in IA View more presentations from erin malone. And there’s a lot of connections indeed, just think about this line: “Create the space for people to make things […]

Motivation with carrots and sticks …

… doesn’t work when dealing with creative, hard to pre-plan types of work. Knowledge work, yes. Much better to equip people with autonomy, mastery and a sense of purpose. And that’s putting up some interesting questions with regard to leadership styles (command and control is doomed …), the organization and improving of collaborative work (facilitating […]

Together, we work smarter

Thank you IBM – for the cute visual messaging of the links between here (BMID) and there (Enterprise Collaboration @ frogpond): Yes, together, we work smarter. Smarter being all things agile, flexible, you know, see here and there … via Stefan

Business thinking plus design thinking ends up being far more powerful

The design thinking meme is raging on, now there’s an article in the New York Times called “Design is more than packaging“. It’s good to see it in the Business section (remember 2005? BusinessWeek titled Tomorrow’s B-School? It Might Be A D-School) and I like the nice pragmatic end quote: “It would be overreaching to […]

Here comes everybody

by Clay Shirky is an “examination of how the wildfire-like spread of new forms of social interaction enabled by technology is changing the way humans form groups and exist within them, with profound long-term economic and social effects-for good and for ill” It’s about how the tools of the web enable people to organize without […]

Focus Jahrbuch 2008: Web 2.0

Via Synaxon Blog habe ich vom Focus Jahrbuch 2008 mit dem Schwerpunkt Web 2.0 erfahren. Interessant weil die einzelnen Beiträge auch als Podcasts erhältlich sind. Aufgefallen sind mir: – Geschäftsmodelle im Web 2.0 von Tom Alby (mp3) – Enterprise 2.0 von Jörg Bienert (mp3) – RSS im Unternehmen von Jörg Rensmann (mp3)

IT Value Stack and Leadership

I recently finished “The IT Value Stack – A Boardroom Guide to IT Leadership” which Ade McCormack‘s agent sent me (disclosure: I agreed to read and write a review in exchange – no other promises made). Anyway, McCormack and Auridian are better at promoting the ideas and concepts, like e.g. in this video: Overall I […]