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Twilight of the elites

Very catchy title of this FT review of Don Tapscott’s newest book, huh? Snip: “Good things happen when we seize the opportunity to contribute our ideas, our passion and our creativity. The question is whether the world is ready to truly embrace the social and economic innovations that this collaboration could unleash.” He provides fresh […]

Collaborative and Open Innovation

Via David Weinberger I found this Berkman lunch where Karim Lakhani of Harvard Business School and Ned Gulley of MathWorks talked about “The Dynamics of Collaborative Innovation: Exploring the tension between knowledge novelty and reuse”. Karim begins by looking at research by Meyer on the airplane’s hidden collaborative history: It didn’t spring whole cloth from […]

Pirate’s TV

Matt Mason, author of „Pirates Dilemma“ (pdf, and see here and here) has done a nice “video trailer”, promoting the core ideas (and touching on quite a lot of things, like Hollywood pirates of old …). Well, yes, easy information sharing on the internet is changing the shape of economies, so media industry must redesign […]

Peer Innovation and Production

Business Week with a new article by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williamson on peer innovation and production: […] how old-school companies like IBM can create value by embracing open-source models

Innovation in the Age of Mass Collaboration

Sehr schön, BusinessWeek zu Innovation in the Age of Mass Collaboration: A new breed of 21st-century enterprise is emerging—one that opens its doors to the world; co-innovates with everyone, especially customers; shares resources that were previously closely guarded; harnesses the power of mass collaboration; and behaves not as a multi-national, but as something new: a […]

Personal Fabrication: The Dream Factory

Another cool article on personal fabrication labs … Notice the business model implications: fab tools could produce new economic models for creators. Suppose a hobbyist made a cool plastic exterior for an MP3 player. Suppose she put the design online, and 700 people downloaded the file and had it printed at eMachineShop. “At what point,” […]

Why the music industry should pay very close attention to blogs, photo-sharing, ringtone-mixers, and social networking

Gerd Leonhard argues that the music industry should pay more attention to the Culture of Participation and that blogs, photo-sharing, ringtone-mixers, mash-ups and social networks may teach them a lot. Well, this may offer business model innovation opportunities as well … e.g. third-party recommendation and selection services and sheds a light on user-generated content as […]