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Ninja Blocks Sphere

Video: Die Ninja Sphere als Hub zur Heimvernetzung (3:33)

Warming up ‘da engines

In a week of frenzy (last days of Google Reader as we know it, RSS being killed for the uptiemth time etc.) … and looking back to what’s happened to dear services like Wave, buzz, delicious and more … it’s a good idea to have a cozy little place all for oneself. Warming up it […]

Back to mixing things up …

I want to reanimate my social blogging life (the story about how hard it is when you’re stuck and tangled up in NDA-ed consulting stuff will be told sometime …) – but during this perfect geek night it’s easy. Sitting in the shack, listening to extended Google IO keynotes and sessions noting that Google Music […]

20 years of goodness

20 years of goodness distilled into three minutes … cool as it can be: I remember making my first baby steps with Linux in the early nineties, thanks to a friend and early evangelist who showed me the sensation … and after some Xenteded Pause I reclimbed the wagon around Hoary times. No regrets, no.

Open Data, ePolitik und ein offener Betatest

genau so soll man es machen … Elektrischer Reporter – Elektrischer Reporter – Phase III – Pilot


Das Thema “eigenwerken” scheint  unerschöpflich, und so tauchten immer wieder neue und spannende Geschichten auf. Um diese Flut einzugrenzen, haben wir uns für die erste Ausgabe des Eigenwerk-Magazins ein Hauptthema vorgenommen: Faden!

Agile, yes – but really really Agile Management

Ah, feedback loops, emergence of patterns (of organizational pathologies), the need for mindfulness, systems-thinking-enabled and -aware managers people who work systems and really master complex responsive processes – literally all this and more in one presentation by Jürgen Appelo: Agile Management – Complexity Thinking View more presentations from Jurgen Appelo.