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Bookmarks for March 19th through March 20th

These are my links for March 19th through March 20th: The Hard Science of Teamwork – Alex "Sandy" Pentland – Harvard Business Review – patterns as a way of making sense of group behaviour (and I'd say emergent phenomena galore) "People should feel empowered by the idea of a science of team building, The idea […]

Bookmarks for October 31st through November 1st

These are my links for October 31st through November 1st: The Science of Change – The key is that we need to change ourselves. We need to transform, not them. We don’t need to occupy Wall Street, we simply need to occupy Main Street because that is where they occupy us. It is not enough […]

Visualization for Management

A short interview with Xplane founder and author Dave Gray – I need want to write a short review of Gamestorming (“A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers”) – bought it but haven’t come around to read it thoroughly. So far I just skipped through it (which isn’t that incomaptible with it, but still)

Gamestorming – methods galore

Earmarked #methods and #bookstoread ASAP 😉

Human Factors in Design

Designing for peopleView more presentations from whatidiscover. Earmarked for inspirational methods.

Design Research (is not Market Research)

View more presentations from Joyce Chou. Like this one before via PSST, liked it a lot because of the toolbox approach (slides 13 ff.) and the pragmatic actionable learnings (slides 21 ff.)

Floops – visual systems thinking language

FloopsView more presentations from ngogerty. Hmm, I am a fan of (systems thinking) methodologies and tools for visualization, so this visual feedback language proposal by Nick Gogerty looks interesting. Might use this and see if it’s working, ie. how well one can communicate systems behaviour and complexities with floops (besides, floops is a name just too […]