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Pinboard bookmarks for November 8th

Pinboard links for November 8th, syndicated automagically: Connect 2012 – the new two-day conference for forward-thinking business leaders – this looks to be an excellent way to engage those who need to understand Social Business without the technical and Notes/Domino bias of the Lotusphere event. It has often been difficult to justify a trip to […]

Back to mixing things up …

I want to reanimate my social blogging life (the story about how hard it is when you’re stuck and tangled up in NDA-ed consulting stuff will be told sometime …) – but during this perfect geek night it’s easy. Sitting in the shack, listening to extended Google IO keynotes and sessions noting that Google Music […]

Upcoming: Moddi @ Manufaktur

Ja, Moddi lives by the river … und meine Work-Life-Balance dreht wieder ins Positive, morgen abend in der Manufaktur, Schorndorf. Danke an Spreeblick für die Tickets!

One for the morning

Gerd Leonhard on the Future of Media

Now this is interesting, given all the talk about the new Radiohead album, changes in music industry and all. A conversation on the new Media Conversations channel with Gerd Leonhard: “The Future of Media” In his new book “The End of Control”, Gerd Leonhard expands on the key topics introduced in his first book “The […]

Music Business Models – enter

La la is a peer-to-peer used CD store where users trade CDs with other users. It takes guts to be a startup in the music sharing business these days… there are a lot of pitfalls, as it aims to transform music-industry economics […] giving musicians a major cut of the proceeds while largely freezing out […] … the Hit Factory

Interesting piece on, noting its role in business model innovation for the music industry. Facilitating community interaction leads eventually to viabe commerce … […] the first serious business model for music in the post-Napster era. […] MySpace bands […] keep production and promotion costs as low as possible. They give away their best two […]