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Innovation Quotes: Discovery, Invention and Diffusion

via Innovation Zen Innovation consists of the technological, managerial, and social processes through which a new idea or concept is first reduced to practice in a culture. Discovery is the initial observation of a new phenomenon. Invention provides the first verification that a real problem can be solved in a particular way. Diffusion spreads proved […]

The Greatest Innovations of All Time

Larry Keeley of the Doblin Group nominates the Greatest Innovations of All Time, noting that successful innovations often are platforms, that often go unnoticed because of narrow-mindedness in innovation processes: […] when you stick smart people in a room and ask them to innovate, they will virtually always brainstorm new product ideas. We seem to […]

Design at HP

Fine interview with Sam Lucente, Hewlett-Packard’s director of design and brand experience, in BusinessWeek on Innovation and Design at HP, noting IMHO the importance of (a) a wider perspective on innovation and (b) orchestration in spite of organizing, i.e. organizational work to drive innovation: Orchestration of many players in business ecosystems, i.e. value nets that […]

Innovation is …

… not particularly directed towards just managing a corporate or finding a solution or bringing out a new equipment or machinery. Innovation is how you think and how you do the normal thinking and normal work in a different way to get exact results in a lesser time or more results in the same time, […]

Formula for Innovation

Read this really interesting piece on ITW (Illinois Tool Works), touching points like growing through m&a’s, complexity management of organizational structures and above all the overall business model that guides them in their ways … ITW owes its outsize achievements to an unorthodox business model. Like many old-line outfits, ITW gets most of its growth […]

Philips on the Future of Design (and Innovation)

Read this online edition of the current Philips magazine as of October 2005 on design leadership, innovation, design as tool and mindset for visualising the future and more … like the tales of ‘wild-cat dreaming’ initiatives that examined possible directions for products, environments and society. Notice also this little gem quote: Thinking about potential future […]

Needs + Solutions = Innovation

Komplexitätsorientiertes Innovationsmanagement kann eine zu enge Sicht von Innovation vermeiden. Nicht allein das „infusing [of] products [with] irresistible functionality or, better yet, creating products that customers need but have not yet even imagined“ steht im Fokus. Gelegentlich ist eben auch die Entwicklung von komplett Neuem notwendig, d.h. bevor die Nutzer erfassen können welche Bedürfnisse dadurch […]