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Stumbled upon … lately? It’s basically a Twitter clone built upon the Open Source microblogging software (and the OpenMicroBlogging Protokoll too). See Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWrite Web for insights into the potentials, like e.g. “federated microblogging” and distributing load via multiple interoperable installs … What else? Jay Cross offers us another chapter of Informal Learning: Rediscovering the […]

Technischer Barock vs. schlichte Eleganz

Ad Emergenz in Technology Review: Was ist eine ausgereifte technische Lösung? Anstatt jedes aufregend blinkende Klötzchen in die Hand zu nehmen und zu schauen, was man daraus noch alles bauen könnte, könnten sich Infrastrukturplaner und Technikentwickler ja auch überlegen, mit welchen Klötzchen sich ein bestimmtes Problem am elegantesten lösen lässt. Aus abgefahrenen Gelenkbausteinen allein konnte […]

Manual for business model innovation (beta version)

This draft of Alex is interesting: […] a draft for a simple business model innovation manual […] the manual will help business people describe their business model step by step, assess its strengths and weaknesses in order to then improve it. Explaining, coaching and teaching clients on business model innovation isn’t easy, most of the […]

Future jobs, now, today!

I like this, not only from a e-learning 2.0 perspective – but also from a more general future knowledge work perspective: […] what jobs, specializations, and careers we may eventually discover or are even starting to evolve in organizations. My exposure tells me that these general functions are starting to surface. Although the jobs are […]

Food for your ears … and the thing in between

Well, I said “not on a regular basis“, thus I may put out big posts from time to time. Here’s one of them, a collection of podcasts that somehow catched my eye: Starting off with Episode 082 of the Project Management Podcast, called Monkey Management for Project Teams: Wait… what’s that on your back? Could […]

Crossposts come in handy sometimes …

Well, to leave light blogging behind it’s always a good idea to refurbish some things you’ve blogged somewhere else. In my case that’s easy as there’s my other (enterprise social software consulting) blog at frogpond. Going back in time I see stuff such as – Intranet 2.0 Forum am 7. Dezember in Zürich (german language) […]

Barcamp München Tag 2

Meine Berichte von den Enterprise 2.0 relevanten Sessions heute morgen sind im frogpond-Blog: Barcamp München Tag 2 Barcamp München Tag 2 – Wiki Session Update: weitere Berichte: Session “Social Networking im Unternehmen” Barcamp München Tag 2 – Lessions in Social Networks