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Bookmarks for May 1st through May 5th

These are my links for May 1st through May 5th: Buchstabenwortwert Rechner – BWW – Geocaching – jcline/fuse-google-drive · GitHub – fuse-google-drive is a fuse filesystem wrapper for Google Drive released under GPLv2 Currently in preliminary development stages. Status: directory listing works, incorrect stat() info redirecturi is now hardcoded — you do not need the […]

Bookmarks for April 30th through May 1st

These are my links for April 30th through May 1st: Liquide Demokratie statt Mauer-Taktik: Flüssiges Wissen | – das Beste aus Blogs, Videos, Musik und Web 2.0 – Mit den Möglichkeiten der Vernetzung im Web erhöht sich allerdings die Wahrscheinlichkeit enorm, auf kluge und weise Menschen zu stoßen, die einen hilfreichen Beitrag zu einem […]

Bookmarks for April 24th through April 29th

These are my links for April 24th through April 29th: Let Your Customers Optimize Your Website for You – At the moment, the term “personalization” is surrounded by confusion, mostly because it has evolved far beyond what it once was: product recommendations. It’s now much more sophisticated and can be automated to provide insight at […]

Bookmarks for April 16th through April 17th

These are my links for April 16th through April 17th: Blowing Raspberries | Dehype – Why target education? The intention of the project is to get kids excited about programming computers again in the same way the BBC Micro produced By Acorn did in the 1980s. It’s an attempt to get away from the pointless […]

Pinboard bookmarks for March 26th

Pinboard links for March 26th, syndicated automagically: AirDroid-Enjoy your Android Experience over the air – Transfer files to and from your device via web browser. Wireless operation via WiFi connection. Random pronounceable passwords − – If we mix 26 lower case letters, as many upper case, ten digits and a dozen of other symbols, […]

Pinboard bookmarks for March 16th

Pinboard links for March 16th, syndicated automagically: Visual book notes: How to Read a Book | sacha chua :: living an awesome life – how to read better

I like the visualization … #blogging #lifehacks

(and Sacha can draw, awesomely, yes) Embedded Link Meetup sketchnotes: The Publishing Side of WordPress, Andy McIlwain | sacha chua :: living an awesome life The Publishing Side of WordPress (Click on the image to view a larger version.) At today's WordPress Toronto meetup, Andy McIlwain shared tips on brainstorming, scheduling, and sharing blog posts […]