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Bookmarks for April 18th through April 19th

These are my links for April 18th through April 19th: BVDW: 10 Thesen zur Zukunft von Social Media – Aktuelles / Medienbibliothek BVDW – Die Fachgruppe Social Media im Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. veröffentlicht zehn Thesen zur Zukunft von Social Media. Das Thesenpapier zeigt die wichtigsten Veränderungen für die Fachbereiche Marketing, PR, Vertrieb, Kundenservice […]

Together, we work smarter

Thank you IBM – for the cute visual messaging of the links between here (BMID) and there (Enterprise Collaboration @ frogpond): Yes, together, we work smarter. Smarter being all things agile, flexible, you know, see here and there … via Stefan

Stumbled upon some innovation …

Simon Wardley tackles why innovation in most organisations “doesn’t seem to get an easy ride”: Reasons for this include a lack of experience with radical innovation projects at senior levels, a growing mismatch between R&D productivity and cost, and a disparity between how long innovation takes and the immediate demands for ROIs. Added to this […]

Hyperconnectivity, the IT concept of Agility and the Geek Squad

Listened to the new digital business podcast, interesting mix and I just love the english accents: Randy Mott on streamlining the technology at Hewlett Packard; John Roese, Nortel’s CTO discusses hyperconnectivity; Ade McCormack explains the IT concept of Agility; and the head of GeekSquad tells us why his agents wear white shirts and black […]

The Wired 40 …

… if you like lists, ranking and ranting companies … you’ll like this … They’re masters of technology and innovation. They’re global thinkers driven by strategic vision. They’re nimbler than Martha Stewart’s PR team. They’re The Wired 40 … … and there’s only one german company on the list, of course its SAP … and, […]