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Uncasual Friday

Nette Idee, Kleider machen Leute Professionals, oder? […] wir kommen eines morgens in das betahaus und dort sitzen Leute mit schwarzen Anzügen und glänzenden Lackschuhen an ihren Laptops Gleich morgen testen?

Microsoft’s Creative Destruction

No, this isn’t about “taking joy in Microsoft’s struggles” – why would I? Their products determine the working environment and corporate daily life of billions of people (Sharepoint, Word, Excel et al. ). But this is instructive for innovation managers, people thinking about the innovation of organizational systems and processes, and consultants alike. Dick Brass, […]

Profits, passion, purpose

This has been a highlight of this second day at LeWeb 2009. Tony Hsieh, CEO,, blew away the crowd this morning at LeWeb with an inspiring speech about meaning/purpose and happiness. A long applause followed his presentation. Sebastien compiled a write-up of Tony’s talk here, some tasty bits on the real success factors in […]

Innovation is chic – and runs into organizational barriers

Via Paul Williams I learned that CNBC is doing another series on innovation, it’s aimed at C-level and I welcome this quite a lot as it stresses the importance (yet, Paul has some criticisms too). But these episodes are worthwhile anyway, and I appreciate the effort (btw, back then I wrote some posts about their […]

Überleben im Büro

Überleben im Büro (mp3), Workplace ‘bad apples’ – und heute die Frage ob und wie Arbeit krank macht, das erinnerte mich an diese Sendung im DLF (mp3): “Konkurrenz lähmt das Geschäft”. […] “Jeder gegen jeden” beschreibt […] einen zunehmend gnadenlosen Konkurrenzkampf zwischen Arbeitnehmern. Schuld daran seien nicht zuletzt die Unternehmen selbst, die mit ihren Mitarbeitern […]

Levels of creativity – is there a strategy tax?

Via Philipp I learned of this video interview at CNN with Bret Taylor on his “present at Friendfeed and his past at Google” (Ex-Google Employee on Scaling an Organization): As Google gets bigger, innovation becomes harder and more costly, says former engineer. Philipp has made a transcript of the interview, I marked up some of […]