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Design for Networks

Design for NetworksView more presentations from Mike Arauz. We’re more than individuals in groups – we’re nodes in social networks and community members …

Digital Strangelove (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Internet)

View more presentations from David Gillespie. Found via PSST (about some 8 months late, funny – given my Kubrick fascination I should have seen that one earlier  …)

We badly need new ideas and new approaches

schon wieder aus aktuellem Anlaß: Lee Bryant zur Big Society Initiative in UK: “We badly need new ideas and new approaches, especially since the gulf between rising demands on public services and available funding to meet them is growing ever wider. More than anything, we need approaches that go with the grain of human behaviour […]

Us now (or all together now)

(Free) monday fun – blogging all the stuff I’ve seen and bookmarked lately, like this UK documentary (see the project site), on open government, digital democracy and a networked civil society that employs the web in creative ways. Yes, we’re talking about all the changes technology bring … and couch surfing is a social (business […]

Together, we work smarter

Thank you IBM – for the cute visual messaging of the links between here (BMID) and there (Enterprise Collaboration @ frogpond): Yes, together, we work smarter. Smarter being all things agile, flexible, you know, see here and there … via Stefan

Here comes everybody

by Clay Shirky is an “examination of how the wildfire-like spread of new forms of social interaction enabled by technology is changing the way humans form groups and exist within them, with profound long-term economic and social effects-for good and for ill” It’s about how the tools of the web enable people to organize without […]

Love your hashtags

Just one of the reasons why I dig Twitter and its surrounding (sense-making) ecosystem, it is mindful and laconic: