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Gamestorming – methods galore

Earmarked #methods and #bookstoread ASAP 😉

Design made in Germany

Learned about the possibility of embedding via Peter – too nice, and they have also added the option of downloading a pdf again. This is looking good now, ie. it’s a neat way to present content on the web (and invite and allow networked dissemination). Check out the designers workplaces article. And check out the […]

Tab Candy fighting Tabitis

I need this – always have a lot of open tabs in my browsers. Yes, info glut, tabitis and keeping open tabs as a todo list … please, Chrome/ Chromium team, can we haz that too? An Introduction to Firefox’s Tab Candy from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

Tips for Better Ideas

(un)structuring your thinking to have better ideas – while following some easy rules …. Yet, Thorsten is right too – Twitter is a creativity room that flourishes when allowing for serendipidity, swiftness and “rapid idea wrangling”


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How will you manage?

via Viele viele Zahlen – unterlegt mit nerviger Musik 😉 Posted via web from stirring the frogpond


“procrastination is watching this videooo” – via Academic Productivity via Information Aesthetics via Cool Infographics …

Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft

via Alex im Interview mit Hallo Welt – “über seine Vorstellungen des Arbeitsplatzes der Zukunft, wie der Generationenwechsel miteinspielt und was Unternehmen tun sollten, um den Startschuss nicht zu verpassen” Das Podcast-Format gefällt mir – gefunden via dem neuen Twitter-(Corporate)-Account von HalloWelt.