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Bookmarks for May 1st through May 5th

These are my links for May 1st through May 5th: Buchstabenwortwert Rechner – BWW – Geocaching – jcline/fuse-google-drive · GitHub – fuse-google-drive is a fuse filesystem wrapper for Google Drive released under GPLv2 Currently in preliminary development stages. Status: directory listing works, incorrect stat() info redirecturi is now hardcoded — you do not need the […]

On consultant’s (playbook) and toolsets

Ideally a consultant’s workbench (and playbook) is wide and deep, providing both specialized best practices (the best tool for the job) and flexible, adaptive multi-use tools (Leatherman style). Then, resting deep in the racks a collection of methods (and affiliated tools) should exist as well. Nobody can be the master of all instruments, but having […]

Business model innovation platform, book and workshops

DE: Ankündigung eines Geschäftsmodellinnovations-Workshops von Alex Osterwalder, und ein paar Worte zur kollaborativen Plattform auf der sein neuestes Buch entsteht. My friend and consulting peer Alexander Osterwalder is organising a business model innovation workshop at Geneva on the 22. (you might ponder Mumbai or Bangalore, India as well, he’s there end of January). This is […]

Stumbled upon recently …

Like every other information professional aka knowledge worker I am coming across many interesting things during my daily ramblings on the internets. Besides tagging and social bookmarking them, I am at times forwarding them directly to colleagues and friends, pulling them together for the occasional blog post here and there, etc. Now I’ve opened up […]

Manual for business model innovation (beta version)

This draft of Alex is interesting: […] a draft for a simple business model innovation manual […] the manual will help business people describe their business model step by step, assess its strengths and weaknesses in order to then improve it. Explaining, coaching and teaching clients on business model innovation isn’t easy, most of the […]

Crossposts come in handy sometimes …

Well, to leave light blogging behind it’s always a good idea to refurbish some things you’ve blogged somewhere else. In my case that’s easy as there’s my other (enterprise social software consulting) blog at frogpond. Going back in time I see stuff such as – Intranet 2.0 Forum am 7. Dezember in Zürich (german language) […]

Deloitte Review, check it out

Note to myself, check it out, via Management IQ: Introducing the first edition of Deloitte Review: As a resource, Deloitte’s journal is pretty much what you’d expect: A few interesting and potentially useful bits of research, a reminder of basic tenets you likely already know, and enough management speak to make even the most hardened […]