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8 Regeln für Stillstand …

nett, an einem Sonntag via Mika73 gefunden – sehr passend auch zu den 5 innovation killers

Earmarked innovation podcasts

DE: Links zu einigen kürzlich gefundenen Podcasts rund um Innovationsthemen Some newly found and earmarked innovation podcasts, starting with the Forrester Information & Knowledge Management podcast (RSS), then a Swiss radio podcast and to finish a Business Week Innovation of the week Good Strategic Planning Will Outlast A Downturn, Don’t Cut Here (mp3) Rob Koplowitz […]

Stumbled upon: Design for Innovation (Management) Success

James Todhunter collects critical success factors of corporate innovation management, i.e. the things that make a difference, Peter-Anthony Glick added another one in the comments: – Executive Leadership – Skill Development – Innovation Infrastructure – Network for Innovation Mentoring & Facilitation – Internal Promotion – Recognition & Reward for innovation Nice list but let me […]

The Power of “and”-innovating at Nokia

Does Nokia need a new innovation recipe? That’s the underlying question posed by Consultaglobal, via Innovating to Win. This is interesting stuff, now that I collected some stuff on Googley innovation, questionable strategy tax, internal innovation practices and sustainable innovation, the McKinsey interview with Jarkko Sairanen comes handy. The article mentions blending business thinking into […]

Looking at the innovation playing field

Next up in my little series on inovation, Mike Neiss hits the nail on the head too, citing from a Center for Creative Leadership survey and report (pdf) that holds: “Senior executives face increasingly complex challenges that involve organizational changes, market dynamics and talent shortages. One popular response to increasing complexity is to lean on […]

Die Hauptloyalität gehört immer dem Produkt …

Ein Interview mit Peter Norvig von Google in TR, es geht vor allem um Google als Suchmaschine, da kommt dieses Zitat etwas zu kurz. Das ist aber spannend, weil es andeutet warum Google so eine Innovationsmaschine ist (gelegentliche Flops sind davon unbenommen), eine interessante weitergehende Lektüre ist dazu Nicholas Carr (The Google Enigma) in Strategy&Business. […]

Notes from the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Summit

No, I haven’t been to Providence (RI) but I have followed the numerous writeups available on the BIF blog and at other places (like e.g. mindmaps by Jeff de Cagna: Day 1 and Day 2, numerous other blogs like here and here). The conference would have been fun for sure, given its topic of “collaborative […]