OSMB: Collaboration changes the game (in application development, too)

Today I’m at the OSMB conference and posting and twittering notes, most of those notes will be posted over at my frogpond Enterprise Collaboration blog (see e.g. Open Source Meets Business (OSMB) – Tag 1 and Trendstudie Open Source im Unternehmen, german language alas). Something with a more BMID-twist is the session “Collaboration Contagion – How Collaboration is Changing the Economics of Software Development” by Stuart Cohen from the Collaborative Software Initiative on the changes collaboration brings to the economics of software.

Some of my notes:
– subject matter experts for business applications are not developers
– opportunities for collaboration: building communities (where none exist)
– the job of the Collaborative Software Initiative is to assess and build core teams, balancing requirements and benefits – i.e. they act as a network facilitator providing training and coaching
– main job is acting as central node and connector, i.e. supporting inter-company collaboration for open source (and soon commodity software)
– collaboration in this space makes a lot of sense from a strategy perspective, Stuart talked about reasons in three arenas – technology, social networking and “organizational dynamics”

There was a lot of content in Stuarts talk, and very dense charts, will link to them as soon as they get published.

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