Getting Innovation Right is Key

This blog is outcome and daily notebook of my continuing work on my doctoral thesis.

Its main theme is Innovation … namely Business Model Innovation.

I do believe that Innovation is but one element, its counterpart being Design.

Herbert Simon and others have suggested that all occupations engaged in converting actual to preferred situations are concerned with design.

Hence the (past) names of the blog:

BMID Innovation_Technology_Design

businessmodel innovation _ design

And now it’s

business model innovation design

BMID is the same and is now more important than ever – because effective innovation is about more than building beautiful cool things. Not all innovation is equal, technical innovation will earn you lots of adoring fans (think Apple of old), business model innovation will earn you lots of money customer value (think Dell or the new Apple).

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Please note: While some posts in this Blog are in German, most posts (especially those dealing with “academic” and “business innovation and design” issues will be in English. Comments in both languages are welcome … 🙂

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