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Everyone designs …

This blog has taken a little rest over the holidays (and some time after that too, oh my), but now I am back in full swing. Let’s start the new year with design-related stuff, shall we? This is no coincidence, as the DesignCamp Cologne is sneaking up and I must prepare a session still. So […]

Stumbled upon: Design for Innovation (Management) Success

James Todhunter collects critical success factors of corporate innovation management, i.e. the things that make a difference, Peter-Anthony Glick added another one in the comments: – Executive Leadership – Skill Development – Innovation Infrastructure – Network for Innovation Mentoring & Facilitation – Internal Promotion – Recognition & Reward for innovation Nice list but let me […]

The Power of “and”-innovating at Nokia

Does Nokia need a new innovation recipe? That’s the underlying question posed by Consultaglobal, via Innovating to Win. This is interesting stuff, now that I collected some stuff on Googley innovation, questionable strategy tax, internal innovation practices and sustainable innovation, the McKinsey interview with Jarkko Sairanen comes handy. The article mentions blending business thinking into […]

Innovation on the Cheap

Jeffrey Phillips really hits the nail on the head: “Innovation on the Cheap”, and yes this stands in stark contrast to the normal take of innovation as the corporate fountain of youth […] It’s clear that many senior executive teams are very interested in becoming more innovative. It’s also clear that few of them understand […]

Design thinking – preparing business people for heuristic approaches

One of my favourite blogs of late is innovation playground by Idris Mootee, always insightful and with good ideas. Here he introduces and conceptualizes “design thinking” as natural instrument to “inspire the exploratory process in the business strategy cycle”, while keeping the “balance between business discipline and creativity + imagination”. He shares this presentation: | […]

Birth of a Gadget

Via Dominic Basulto, a nice piece in Wired on design thinking applied to product development processes (“Birth of a Gadget: Inside the Industrial Design Process“): Creating and then manufacturing the Next Big Thing in the world of consumer gadgets is more difficult and complex than you might at first guess. Wired Magazine has put together […]

Die Hauptloyalität gehört immer dem Produkt …

Ein Interview mit Peter Norvig von Google in TR, es geht vor allem um Google als Suchmaschine, da kommt dieses Zitat etwas zu kurz. Das ist aber spannend, weil es andeutet warum Google so eine Innovationsmaschine ist (gelegentliche Flops sind davon unbenommen), eine interessante weitergehende Lektüre ist dazu Nicholas Carr (The Google Enigma) in Strategy&Business. […]