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Pinboard bookmarks for January 10th

Pinboard links for January 10th, syndicated automagically: Solar PV Monitoring System | OpenEnergyMonitor – Here is the documentation for a solar PV monitoring system that’s been developed as part of the OpenEnergyMonitor project. It’s based on Arduino and is fully open-source; hardware, firmware and web application. The system monitors both generation and consumption and gives […]

Bookmarks for November 4th through November 5th

These are my links for November 4th through November 5th: Von der Renaissance lernen: Besetzt den Palazzo Vecchio! – Feuilleton – FAZ – 160543-faq-acer-liquid-mt.html – Best RSS Newsreader? – The redesign being horrible, color, space, and clarity-wise is only the tip of the iceberg. Ultimately the sharebros don't care what color the theme is, we […]

Story of Electronics

Well, yes, it’s an externalizing costs system with little or no long-term sustainability – some business model innovation ideas are expressed, alongside regulatory ideas and call for actions.

Should you trust Facebook with your business?

I like Jason’s direct ways: “Anyone who builds their entire business on top of a closed or semi-closed system is a fool.”

Payback on Innovation

There’s another worthwhile podcast on the Payback meme, this time in the Harvard Business Schools IdeaCast series: The Rewards of Innovation: In our feature segment, Jim Andrew, co-author of Payback: Reaping the Rewards of Innovation, takes a call from IdeaCast producer Steve Singer. Andrew helps us see through the cloudy thinking that often surrounds organizational […]

DRM’s still got a place

[…] some DRM-based business model innovations may go down (and then, who cares or likes nifty-smarty pricing schemes that depend on DRM etc. when all that is really needed is simplicity of use), but there will be other chances for business model innovations in the music industry … Updating my take on Jobs’ Thoughts on […]

How Firms can Reap the Rewards of Innovation

Knowledge at Wharton has a podcast interview (and an edited version of the transcript) with Harold Sirkin, who is senior VP at Boston Consulting Group and co-author of Payback: Reaping the Rewards of Innovation. One concern is how to apply process to innovation, and preparing so the payback, i.e. the financial return that validates new […]