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LEGO interview in Monocle

Via the David Report blog I’ve learned of this new magazine Monocle, trying to be “a monthly magazine delivering the most original coverage in global affairs, business, culture and design.” This spans five fields … ABCDE – Affairs – A global mix of reportage, essays and interviews with the forces shaping geopolitics – Business – […]

IT Conversations: Bradley Horowitz

Over at IT Conversations Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product Strategy at Yahoo! speaks about how Yahoo! is leveraging open innovation, e.g. by opening its gates to the community with their API for open-ended projects such as Flickr, MyWeb, Delicious and Upcoming. Then, he discusses the concepts and visions of social search, while the program was […]

Millenials _ Digital Na(t)ives

Sehr schön geschrieben, aber mit kleinen, wichtigen Schönheitsfehlern, u.a. das hier, Zitat: These 3: Tatsächlich haben bislang jedoch nur wenige Unternehmen eine entsprechende Kultur der Zusammenarbeit realisiert und stellen die notwendigen Werkzeuge bereit. Die Erfahrungen großer Unternehmen mit Social Software zeigen doch gerade das Gegenteil: diese Dinge kommen aus dem Unternehmen heraus und erst wenn […]

Personal Fabrication: The Dream Factory

Another cool article on personal fabrication labs … Notice the business model implications: fab tools could produce new economic models for creators. Suppose a hobbyist made a cool plastic exterior for an MP3 player. Suppose she put the design online, and 700 people downloaded the file and had it printed at eMachineShop. “At what point,” […]

Why the music industry should pay very close attention to blogs, photo-sharing, ringtone-mixers, and social networking

Gerd Leonhard argues that the music industry should pay more attention to the Culture of Participation and that blogs, photo-sharing, ringtone-mixers, mash-ups and social networks may teach them a lot. Well, this may offer business model innovation opportunities as well … e.g. third-party recommendation and selection services and sheds a light on user-generated content as […]

Als die Bilder fließen lernten

the taz reports on an Internet-only film series … hitting another high pitched tone in my user-generated-content-eager ears, notice only this post of late … read on, behold german text: bspw. Filesharing-Börsen [haben] die Industrie davon abgehalten, die Möglichkeiten dieses unglaublich effektiven, neuen Vertriebswegs zu nutzen. […] ein Medienangebot zu machen, welches das Potenzial von […]

Enter self-made machinima flicks …

… reports the Guardian: A new form of film-making mashes traditional storytelling with video game animation. […] [used] by artists, film-makers and scriptwriters [and geeks as well]. Even small studios have emerged and the movie industry employs video game engines to pre-visualize their big-budget blockbusters. Well, this is offering (business model) threats and chances to […]