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Bookmarks for April 30th through May 1st

These are my links for April 30th through May 1st: Liquide Demokratie statt Mauer-Taktik: Flüssiges Wissen | – das Beste aus Blogs, Videos, Musik und Web 2.0 – Mit den Möglichkeiten der Vernetzung im Web erhöht sich allerdings die Wahrscheinlichkeit enorm, auf kluge und weise Menschen zu stoßen, die einen hilfreichen Beitrag zu einem […]

Clay Shirky

Will Privacy Issues Hurt Facebook? The Next 50 Years of Media Chaos How Companies Can Leverage Transparency The Age of Media Patronage Is Coming The Rise of Social Media The Changes in the Media Landscape Leveraging Our “Cognitive Surplus” The Value of Our Online Participation Facebook: Valuable Business Tool or Waste of Time? Why the […]


Via Monoscope via Core 77 via …

Keen on … Connectivity

Found via Marcel – and celebrating the culture of sharing – an episode of the Andrew Keen channel (TechCrunchTV seems like a thing to watch … just look at this).

Business regularities and their f-laws

To mark his recent death, Peter Day revisits an interview he did 2 years ago with Russell Ackoff, Professor Emeritus of the Wharton School in Operations Research and Systems Theory. His f-Laws expose the common flaws in both the practice of leadership and in the established beliefs that surround it Get the mp3 here, subversive […]

Design Thinking and Five Challenges of Design-led Organizations

Time again for a design-thinking post – got triggered by the Küchenradio: Simon Blake arbeitet an der D-School am privat finanzierten Hasso-Plattner-Institut der Uni Potsdam. Das “Design Thinking” will für große Probleme schnell praktische Lösungen finden. Wie das geht und was bisher gelöst wurde […] Here’s the mp3 (yes, german language). Then via Michael Altendorf […]

Levels of creativity – is there a strategy tax?

Via Philipp I learned of this video interview at CNN with Bret Taylor on his “present at Friendfeed and his past at Google” (Ex-Google Employee on Scaling an Organization): As Google gets bigger, innovation becomes harder and more costly, says former engineer. Philipp has made a transcript of the interview, I marked up some of […]