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Warming up ‘da engines

In a week of frenzy (last days of Google Reader as we know it, RSS being killed for the uptiemth time etc.) … and looking back to what’s happened to dear services like Wave, buzz, delicious and more … it’s a good idea to have a cozy little place all for oneself. Warming up it […]

Back to mixing things up …

I want to reanimate my social blogging life (the story about how hard it is when you’re stuck and tangled up in NDA-ed consulting stuff will be told sometime …) – but during this perfect geek night it’s easy. Sitting in the shack, listening to extended Google IO keynotes and sessions noting that Google Music […]

Linux, ebooks and DRM (and CC-ed content), a short note

One of the reasons for 20 years of goodness – people collaborating to produce outstanding CC-ed content. See e.g. the PCLinuxOS magazine and – specifically for the Ubuntu Linux community – Full Circle magazine. Time to shout out it is for me, especially as they’re highlighting Calibre and other ebook software this time. Calibre is […]

Upcoming: Moddi @ Manufaktur

Ja, Moddi lives by the river … und meine Work-Life-Balance dreht wieder ins Positive, morgen abend in der Manufaktur, Schorndorf. Danke an Spreeblick für die Tickets!

Leweb Livestream

In an ideal world we’d all meet in Paris at LeWeb for drinks and talking – but if you can’t be there there’s UStream consolation:

User Experience and Usability reader

As if there wasn’t enough to read and digest already 😉 UX Storytellers


The world is full of interesting things … via Kottke