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Pinboard bookmarks for December 7th

Pinboard links for December 7th, syndicated automagically: Bildung nach dem digitalen Klimawandel: Das Buch verdunstet in die Wolke – – Tatsächlich änderte sich dann in den Klassenzimmern aber gar nicht viel. Bis heute blieb es im Prinzip bei dem System, das sich Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts zusammen mit der industriell-bürokratischen Organisation herausgebildet hatte: Der […]

Xbox und iPod

… new information has surfaced on Xbox360 / iPod compatibility, note: According to several sources, the upcoming Xbox console will allow users to plug in an iPod or other portable mp3 device. “You can plug your iPod into the Xbox 360 and play songs off that too, […] you can also use it to rip […]

CD-burning kiosks business model

An interesting article on the failing business model of placing kiosks in public spaces i.e. retail outlets like Walmart etc. … The concept seems great: Place CD-burning kiosks that can manufacture out-of-stock albums in retail stores and offer customized compilations, too. But after numerous false starts, retailers, hardware suppliers and the major labels say a […]

Customizable Ads on TV

Fox will be the first network that offers ads that can change dynamically with context, time of day, audience demographics or any other rules set by the advertiser. This development combines nicely with “digitizing that helps in editing when different versions of a film are required for different formats (pay TV, free TV, adult, family […]