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Apples flops and continuous reinvention

Another thought on this: one company that is often viewed as “immune” to the Peter-principle of innovation is Apple, yet it has its very own history of flops and not getting it (which brought it to the brink more than once). Michael Urlocker notes some of them, pointing out that one can learn a lot […]

Xbox und iPod

… new information has surfaced on Xbox360 / iPod compatibility, note: According to several sources, the upcoming Xbox console will allow users to plug in an iPod or other portable mp3 device. “You can plug your iPod into the Xbox 360 and play songs off that too, […] you can also use it to rip […]

Mobile phones vs. iPods

Apple faces increasing competition from mobile-phone companies integrating MP3 players into handsets … Bill Gates sees mobile phones overtaking MP3s as the top choice of portable music player, and views the raging popularity of Apple’s iPod player as unsustainable […] “As good as Apple may be, I don’t believe the success of the iPod is […]

Lifestyle vs. Performance

Two reports that came in too close to ignore, first one: Simplicity Rules: iPod Shuffle at 58-Percent Marketshare (Link) the other one: […] the iPod Shuffle is the only flash player without a screen, the only one without an FM tuner, and the only one without replaceable batteries. Most of the others have voice mkis, […]