Customizable Ads on TV

Fox will be the first network that offers ads that can change dynamically with context, time of day, audience demographics or any other rules set by the advertiser.

This development combines nicely with “digitizing that helps in editing when different versions of a film are required for different formats (pay TV, free TV, adult, family , etc.). They may even provide (mass-)personalized movies …” as I’ve posted before … and Fox clearly envisions:

The same proprietary technology could be used for other content besides advertising […] though it has not been applied any other way yet.

Go the next step and combine personalized movies with personalized ads … achieving contextually relevant media content … as everything is digital and file-based:

“This is a digital file that has not only the assets you need for that 30-second idea but all of the other assets you need to update it and make it”

read on at Reuters …

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