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Pinboard bookmarks for April 21st

Pinboard links for April 21st, syndicated automagically: RGB Led Matrix – prototyp mit einem rainbowduino – LED Anfänger Forum – – Ich habe mich in letzter Zeit ziehmlich mit dem Thema LED Matrix beschäftigt, hauptsächlich mit dem Rainbowduino RGB Led controller von Seeedstudio. Dieser Treiber steuert eine common anode 8×8 rgb led matrix an. […]

The nontraditional workforce and the future of Work

From my toblog-backlog, a while ago Business Week magazine had a cover story on the “The Future of Work”, which had some material for the discussion on knowledge work and collaboration in the enterprise, namely when social software comes into the play. Remember, I am coaching and consulting in this space, so I found these […]

Fernsehen verliert …

… weil sich die Zeitbudgets der Konsumenten in Richtung Internet verschieben und weil TV für Werbung uninteressant wird, z.B. wenn Nutzer Time-Shifting Devices wie TiVo verwenden: So wie Tageszeitungen, die ihre News nur einmal am Tag auf den Markt werfen können, ist auch das Fernsehen mit seinem festgelegten Programmschema vielen nicht mehr flexibel genug. Während […]

Disney and Video-On-Demand

Techdirt notes that … Disney’s ill-conceived “MovieBeam” video-on-demand project is going on hiatus […] We won’t be surprised if it never resurfaces. In fact, it would merely confirm our skepticism about the idea when it was hatched (to the public) two years ago. Think about it: a video-on-demand service that requires an extra set-top box, […]

Customizable Ads on TV

Fox will be the first network that offers ads that can change dynamically with context, time of day, audience demographics or any other rules set by the advertiser. This development combines nicely with “digitizing that helps in editing when different versions of a film are required for different formats (pay TV, free TV, adult, family […]