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for the #elearning circles (and the #wiki people, too)

for the #elearning circles (and the #wiki people, too) Embedded Link RB 192: Wikis, Teaching, and the Digital Divide | Berkman Center Technology has made us all kinds of promises when it comes to transforming the way we learn — not least of which was the promise to break the "digital divide." The ease of […]

Pinboard bookmarks for February 26th

Pinboard links for February 26th, syndicated automagically: Online Python Tutor – This application supports the core Python 2.5 language, with no module imports or file I/O. It's meant to be used as a platform for creating programming tutorials, not for running or debugging production code. Software Carpentry » Classes and Objects – Classes and Objects […]

Pinboard bookmarks for December 7th

Pinboard links for December 7th, syndicated automagically: Bildung nach dem digitalen Klimawandel: Das Buch verdunstet in die Wolke – – Tatsächlich änderte sich dann in den Klassenzimmern aber gar nicht viel. Bis heute blieb es im Prinzip bei dem System, das sich Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts zusammen mit der industriell-bürokratischen Organisation herausgebildet hatte: Der […]

Pinboard bookmarks for November 30th

Pinboard links for November 30th, syndicated automagically: When Should You Migrate Your File Shares to SharePoint? – Yes, there are circumstances and scenarios where it makes sense to leave your file shares where they stand. For most organizations, it is a combination of factors rather than any single factor that drives this decision: typically, it's a large […]

Stumbled upon … lately? It’s basically a Twitter clone built upon the Open Source microblogging software (and the OpenMicroBlogging Protokoll too). See Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWrite Web for insights into the potentials, like e.g. “federated microblogging” and distributing load via multiple interoperable installs … What else? Jay Cross offers us another chapter of Informal Learning: Rediscovering the […]

Stumbled upon recently …

Like every other information professional aka knowledge worker I am coming across many interesting things during my daily ramblings on the internets. Besides tagging and social bookmarking them, I am at times forwarding them directly to colleagues and friends, pulling them together for the occasional blog post here and there, etc. Now I’ve opened up […]

Future jobs, now, today!

I like this, not only from a e-learning 2.0 perspective – but also from a more general future knowledge work perspective: […] what jobs, specializations, and careers we may eventually discover or are even starting to evolve in organizations. My exposure tells me that these general functions are starting to surface. Although the jobs are […]