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Pinboard bookmarks for April 15th

Pinboard links for April 15th, syndicated automagically: The Good Side of Quantifying Everything – Justin Fox – Harvard Business Review – We're all already supposed to know that taking small steps forward is key to getting things done in life and feeling good about it. What my running experience is teaching me, though, is how […]

IT Value Stack and Leadership

I recently finished “The IT Value Stack – A Boardroom Guide to IT Leadership” which Ade McCormack‘s agent sent me (disclosure: I agreed to read and write a review in exchange – no other promises made). Anyway, McCormack and Auridian are better at promoting the ideas and concepts, like e.g. in this video: Overall I […]

Kreativität als Rohstoff der Wissensgesellschaft

Kreativität steht hoch im Kurs. Sie gilt als Rohstoff der Wissensgesellschaft und soll entsprechend gefördert werden. Doch nicht einmal die Wissenschaft kann definieren, was genau sie unter Kreativität versteht. Erst wenn man den Anspruch aufgibt, Kreativität messen und instrumentalisieren zu wollen, stellt sie sich als “Ausdrucksform der Seele” dar. Kreativität entspringt dem Entwicklungsbedürfnis jedes Menschen […]

On Competitive Advantage

Via Rajesh Jain, an article with a nice human touch on how defining a firm’s capabilities, purpose, and niche (business model issues if you ask me) creates competitive advantage: Is it so different for the leader of a company to ask, “What is this company capable of?” than it is for an individual to wonder, […]

Innovation Portfolio

Tom Davenport on the various kinds of innovations. He categorizes innovation styles into 1. Product innovation 2. Service innovation aka new ways to deliver services 3. Process innovation like internal business processes, or the ways of delivering products and services to customers. 4. Managerial innovation like the exploration and adoption of new approaches for managing […]