Bookmarks for March 11th through March 12th

These are my links for March 11th through March 12th:

  • Why I Want My Daughter to be a Hacker « OffMyGourd – Hackers are simply empowered individuals that want to figure things out for themselves.  With hacker properly defined, let’s get to the meat, why I want my daughter to be a hacker
    1. Hackers are not consumer lemmings
    2. Hackers avoid what I call “The Knowledge Trap ”
    3. Hackers can hack anything
    4. Hackers favor open systems
  • The Best Disk Cloning App for Linux – Back up drives and partitions to image files or other drives Copy a drive block-for-block directly to another drive Supports a very large number of file system types Can reinstall GRUB 1 and 2 after cloning Can access image files on local disks, an SSH server, SAMBA server, or NFS server
  • The essence of social business patterns – Business patterns of repeatable behaviour and consistent use of methodology or tools Technical patterns of business enablement through provision of platforms Integration patterns that exploit rampant connectivity, API and SDK model Agile patterns that embrace iteration and enable constant innovation Customer experience and UX patterns that redefine business models purely from the perspective of the customer/user Ecosystem patterns that both map and enable the complex systems of business without borders
  • TED Blog | Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change: Brené Brown at TED2012 – Brown has continued her work on vulnerability and she shares a few insights now. Firstly, that it is not a weakness. This, she says, is a profoundly dangerous and pervasive myth. Secondly, that in order to understand the relationship between vulnerability and courage, we need to talk about shame. Jungian analysts call shame the “swampland of soul,” a lyrical construct that helps illuminate why it’s important to spend time on the topic, hardly one most of us care to dwell on. But, she says, in order to have a compelling conversation around race, we need to talk about privilege, which is all wrapped up in shame. In order to have a compelling conversation around healthcare, we need to understand that surgeons’ self-worth is stitched up in being all-powerful. All-powerful people don’t need checklists or make mistakes. We need to recognize and understand deep-rooted shame at the heart of any broken system if we are ever to change it.

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