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The starfish and the spider

Tonight I participated in a book presentation by Rod A. Beckström on The Starfish and the Spider (side event at the Web 2.0 Expo Berlin). He started off with his motivation for writing this book, 9/11. Yes, Al-Quaida is an archetypical network, and mapping this decentralized network is quite a task. Social Network Analysis shows […]

Joost … zum dritten

Weitere Artikel zu Joost (siehe auch hier meine ersten beiden Einträge), bspw. im Economist: [Joost] is based on P2P software that runs on people’s computers, just like Skype and KaZaA. And it does indeed promise to transform the experience of watching television by combining what people like about old-fashioned TV with the exciting possibilities of […]

Joost _ jeder ein TV-Star

Die NZZ stellt die Gründer von Joost vor. Ziel ist interaktives Fernsehen, das sich durch zielgruppenspezifische (vielleicht sogar individualisierte?) Werbung (yes, Werbung ohne Streuverluste, für so etwas wurde das Internet erfunden …) refinanziert. Joost will insbesondere professionellen Content vertreiben, entweder gegen Bezahlung oder gratis via Sponsoring und Werbung … Joost soll – im Unterschied zu […]

Thinking Outside the (Music) Box

Short article over atNewsweek, nice intro: Technology moves at broadband speeds. But the music industry’s transformation to the digital era has been trickling along at a pace suitable to that modem you tossed out when you got your high-speed connection. It goes on arguing that Apple’s iTunes Music Store is not the only valid business […]

Record Labels Find a Way To Work with P2P

Update in regard to my posts about Rosso and Mashboxx … note this “It’s fantastic that a record company has got behind the best distribution system that’s ever been handed on a plate to the record industry.” says [Wippit founder Paul Myers] and this on the role of outsiders like Andy Lack in finding new […]

Mashboxx Beta

New business models by new and fresh looks … in a LA Times article this gem: [Mashboxx’s] Rosso was working behind the scenes to convert the major record companies from antagonists into allies. Eventually, he found a taker: Andrew Lack, the former television executive whom Sony Corp. brought in to lead its music division. “Andy […]

Interview with Napster CTO Bill Pence

Here’s the link to the interview with Napster CTO, Bill Pence where he discusses a variety of digital music topics and the future directions of the industry … namely subscription services via single-download business models … read the Interview at BetaNews