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The starfish and the spider

Tonight I participated in a book presentation by Rod A. Beckström on The Starfish and the Spider (side event at the Web 2.0 Expo Berlin). He started off with his motivation for writing this book, 9/11. Yes, Al-Quaida is an archetypical network, and mapping this decentralized network is quite a task. Social Network Analysis shows […]

Pyrrhic Victory over Grokster

and may I add that this may turn out to be a pyrrhic victory at best … read some of the reasons at BusinessWeek for one: It was no accident that Grokster and StreamCast were the defendants in this case — they were handpicked by Hollywood because they made the content industry’s case so easy […]

Supreme Court rules against file swapping

oh yes, not to forget, if just for the record: The Supreme Court has ruled against peer-to-peer networks claims that they are not responsible for copyright infringment that occurs over their networks. the nine justices said companies that build businesses with the active intent of encouraging copyright infringement should be held liable for their customers’ […]

Rethinking the File-Swap Morass

Update on Mashboxx, Peer Impact etc … Four years after it shuttered the original Napster with a legal assault, the recording industry is taking a different approach to online file-swapping: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. notice the distribution scheme of Peer Impact: Users have to pay for each track they download, but sharing […]

Über CDs mit Mehrwert …

… schreibt die FTD: Die schlichte Klarsichtplastikbox als CD-Verpackung hat ausgedient. Tonträgerindustrie, Musikverlage und Künstler setzen zunehmend auf Kombiprodukte, die den Käufern mehr bieten als ein Booklet und eine Silberscheibe. Eine richtige Reaktion auf Umsatzeinbrüche durch Raubkopierer etc., nur leider viel zu spät. Viele Konsumenten von Musik haben sich an “tonträgerlose” und digitale Musik gewöhnt. […]

Testing Copyright Limits

Grouper is testing the limits … speaking of innovations that rock the bed …. I think that this quote is catching the tune really nicely: […] innovation supplies a steady stream of new ways to access, use, store and copy digital goods, raising a succession of unanswered questions about how laws from the era of […]

BitTorrent Crackdown: Battling the Hydra

The futility of legal crackdowns on file-sharing outfits, note well that for every network they shut down, many more will sprout up also noted in one of the comments, is the complexity (dynamics) of all this: Both the technologies and businesses will continue to evolve at a rapid pace, so it’s way too early to […]