Record Labels Find a Way To Work with P2P

Update in regard to my posts about Rosso and Mashboxx …

note this

“It’s fantastic that a record company has got behind the best distribution system that’s ever been handed on a plate to the record industry.” says [Wippit founder Paul Myers]

and this on the role of outsiders like Andy Lack in finding new ways of business

[…] qualifies the idea of P2P as the most efficient form of distribution for music, and believes it’s more about record companies finally realizing that they have to move with the times. “P2P is the most popular form of music consumption online. Why not go with the consumers?”

This is, of course, why SonyBMG CEO Andrew Lack, a former TV executive who can perhaps go against the grain internally, was said to be keen to get conversations off the ground. Those conversations have now extended to other majors, including EMI, where again the top executives are said to be looking at this closely.

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