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The starfish and the spider

Tonight I participated in a book presentation by Rod A. Beckström on The Starfish and the Spider (side event at the Web 2.0 Expo Berlin). He started off with his motivation for writing this book, 9/11. Yes, Al-Quaida is an archetypical network, and mapping this decentralized network is quite a task. Social Network Analysis shows […]

Tim O’Reillys keynote at Web20Expo Berlin

Some notes from Tim O’Reillys keynote at Web20Expo Berlin … In the future, we’re going to see contextual-sensitive applications, for e.g. on the phone. This is also the world where things think, and it will be full of (RFID-)sensors. Jaiku is hopefully going to be an integral part of Googles phone strategy. Not much new, […]