Mashboxx Beta

New business models by new and fresh looks … in a LA Times article this gem:

[Mashboxx’s] Rosso was working behind the scenes to convert the major record companies from antagonists into allies. Eventually, he found a taker: Andrew Lack, the former television executive whom Sony Corp. brought in to lead its music division.

Andy Lack looked at this problem with a fresh pair of eyes,” said Thomas Hesse, president of global digital business for Sony BMG. “He looked at it without emotion. He looked for a solution…. And Wayne [Rosso] seemed to be a solution.”

originally referenced by
Billboard PostPlay … who note that

what’s interesting to many is that Rosso is now hoping to work with the music industry after years of antagonizing it and he considers himself an ‘agent for change.’

and that

[…] all sounds great and [they] hope it works as intended, but the new business model has yet to be proven“The biggest obstacles to success for Mashboxx or any other peer-to-peer company looking to “go straight” are the dozens of popular, free networks that have no intention of joining them.”

Mashboxx’s offerings will include

the ability to participate in an online community, share files with other members and browse from a vast library that includes rare tracks often not available from the big download stores.

Indeed, music companies are

now willing to engage with the P2P world rather than run from it and will finally try to capitalize on the huge opportunity of turning downloaders into customers …

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