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Snocap takes another bite

Snocap has come to terms with EMI, after having bagged Sony BMG and Universal. So now three out of four major music labels have struck deals with Shawn Fannings new company … Snocap, headed by Napster founder Shawn Fanning, identifies songs by their digital “fingerprints” and determines how copyright holders want them to be used. […]

Snocaps New Tune

An article in Business 2.0 about Snocap, Napster innovator Shawn Fanning’s new company … Snocap is a one-stop shop for rights management across multiple online retailers … The system is designed to be a neutral middleman between the labels and the P2P networks. Labels would register their catalogs with Snocap, using its central database as […]

p2p innovation and policy advice

Found this interesting paper on the effects of p2p technology … by the Digital Media Project team at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. New digital technologies and the online environment pose significant challenges to the traditional business models of the music and film industries. The digital era threatens current […]