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Pinboard bookmarks for April 21st

Pinboard links for April 21st, syndicated automagically: RGB Led Matrix – prototyp mit einem rainbowduino – LED Anfänger Forum – – Ich habe mich in letzter Zeit ziehmlich mit dem Thema LED Matrix beschäftigt, hauptsächlich mit dem Rainbowduino RGB Led controller von Seeedstudio. Dieser Treiber steuert eine common anode 8×8 rgb led matrix an. […]

Revolutionäre Netze durch kollektive Bewegungen

aus aktuellem Anlaß:

Nurturing organizational judgment

Insights on decision making processes and policies at Pixar – via the HBS Tom Davenport blog several factors matter: Its managers give its directors a lot of autonomy. Even though directors have autonomy, they get feedback from others. Pixar uses a process for “postmortems” on the major aspects of movies after they’re completed. Pixar admits […]

Lay off the layers

Well, for the record, BusinessWeek columnists Jack and Suzy Welch (neutron jack, you know …, this time with a bad cold) start off explaining the rationale of the fight against organizational layers, and they go on talking about organizational pathologies and communication problems. Yet and although I’m all for flat hierarchies I don’t follow Welch’s […]

Learning from Apple …

The Economist has an interesting article on innovation at Apple, one of a million to appear in the next weeks (as the iPhone is getting ready). […] Apple has at least four important wider lessons to teach other companies. Not invented here, and very welcome. The first is that innovation can come from without as […]

RE Imagineering Disney and Pixar …

Via Business & Technology Reinvention this outstanding case of part maverick creative thinking, part case study of an informal “we’re getting blogged, wtf … danger case” and part case study for business (re-)vitalization when facing severe organizational obstacles. A bunch of Disney and Pixar Imagineers have a blog called RE Imagineering. […] RE imagineering’s site […]

Fehlentscheider im Management

Interessant, aber nicht überraschend – oder? Erst der schnelle Entschluss macht den Manager zum Chef. Denkt der Manager – und irrt. Zudem fällt es offenbar einem Fünftel der Firmenchefs schwer, dem “Entscheider”-Klischee zu entsprechen. Entscheidungsfallen, begrenzte Rationalität, die Unfähigkeit in komplexen Situationen den Durchblick oder den Überblick zu behalten sind nicht erst seit Dörner u.a. […]