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The New Science of Human Capital

There’s a new HBR IdeaCast, featured guest is John Boudreau, coauthor of Beyond HR: The New Science of Human Capital, calling for an expanded role of HR, as talent is scarce and its allocation is of pivotal importance for competitive advantage and need new organizational design decisions and changed leadership. Here’s the mp3. This also […]

Future jobs, now, today!

I like this, not only from a e-learning 2.0 perspective – but also from a more general future knowledge work perspective: […] what jobs, specializations, and careers we may eventually discover or are even starting to evolve in organizations. My exposure tells me that these general functions are starting to surface. Although the jobs are […]

Mass Career Customization

This podcast of HBR’s IdeaCast looks interesting, but, well, I haven’t checked it out yet … Harvard Business Online’s Steve Singer talks with Cathleen Benko, co-author of Mass Career Customization: Aligning the Workplace with Today’s Nontraditional Workforce. Here’s the book descripition (via Amazon), and you may learn more about the authors at Deloitte: Far-reaching changes […]