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Like every other information professional aka knowledge worker I am coming across many interesting things during my daily ramblings on the internets. Besides tagging and social bookmarking them, I am at times forwarding them directly to colleagues and friends, pulling them together for the occasional blog post here and there, etc.

Now I’ve opened up another “channel”, compiling little posts that gather several interesting links and pointing out blogs I noted. There won’t be much commentary in there, but well, there may be more content and analysis than in the usual “ links stuff” that is already integrated into the feed. So this is something in between, not a genuine-thought blog post, but more than a collection of miscellaneous links. What do you think? Does this format makes sense for you?

Here’s for a start:

Ross Dawson compiles reasons to love being your own boss (“The joys of self-employment“), like:

My life is completely free-form and open-ended
I can be myself
I get the value I create
I am ultimately far more secure than employees
I control my life
I am the only one that needs to believe in me
I work to create results, not to impress others

Robert X. Cringely tells us the truth about IT Consultants and compiles the 10 most frequent lies told by IT consultants (“guide to the various types of consultants, what to look for, and how to get the most good and the least bad for your money”)

Jim Carroll writes a memo to the CEO (financial sector foremost): Innovation matters more than ever:

The most important thing that you can do *right now*, as you work to navigate your way through the challenging economic shoals that surround you, is to make sure that you don’t kill innovation in its tracks.

Via Bob Sutton I learned of this McKinsey Quarterly interview with Brad Bird of Pixar on Ratatouille and more (you may need to register for free):

– Pixar’s Brad Bird makes his living fostering creativity. [he] describes how he pushes teams of animators beyond their comfort zones, encourages dissent, and builds morale.
– […] powerful lessons for executives in any organization seeking to nurture innovation.

Nice, there are audio selections from the interview including his thoughts on his past working for The Simpsons, movie experiences and more.

And finally some newly found & subscribed blogs:
– Christian Spannagel, is writing (in german language) about “learning, e-learning, educational informatics and mathematics”

discussion of knowledge management that goes above and beyond technology.

Design Observer – writings on design and culture, yes, fun things.

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